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Hello! We are 64TEQ Education, a team of IT experts who have been working with Schools, Colleges,
and Academy Trusts in and around London and the Home Counties since 2012.

We’re going to change the way you think about IT companies.

We’re not your typical IT Company

Managing IT in Education is a huge challenge, and it’s not getting any easier. You have to stay up to date, manage internal and external relationships, and stick to a tight budget.

Imagine having the freedom to focus on your long term goals: planning projects, delivering good service to your organisation, and performing at your very best.

That is the goal of 64TEQ Education – to make your life easier.

We’ve built our entire company around the idea of offering you more value than anyone else, and the way we can do that is by providing you with one dedicated supplier you can depend on.

A supplier who you can rely on to respond quickly and with expert advice. A supplier that is dedicated to your success, your peace of mind, and freeing up your time.

Take a look at some of the features of our business model that make us different,
and that can help you to achieve your IT vision for your organisation.

You only talk to Technical People

You would expect a car salesman to know a thing or two about cars, but for some reason this is not always the case with the IT industry. You’ve probably had your fill of speaking to non-technical sales people who are sometimes more concerned with closing a sale than understanding your needs.

Give us a call, and you’ll see that every member of our team is an experienced technical expert who is here to give you the right advice. You’ll quickly realise that the person you are speaking with actually knows what they’re talking about and has been in your shoes before (because we have).

Keeping you up to date...

Part of your job is staying up to date with the latest technologies, but it can be difficult for you due to the fast pace of the IT industry (not to mention a serious shortage of spare time). 64TEQ Education have a team of IT experts whose job it is to keep you current.

With our focus on the education market, we are well-versed on the most relevant technologies and solutions for schools, colleges, and academy trusts.

Your IT Strategy

The first step of any successful venture is a long term strategy, and IT is no different. Strategies allow you to develop your vision for the future, and enable you to deliver on your promises.

Using our expertise and experience, 64TEQ will act as your strategic partner, helping you to visualise the coming months and even years of your business. Once we have a complete understanding of your existing challenges and your vision for the future, we can help you put together an ongoing IT strategy that will deliver value for students, teachers, and the organisation.

These types of strategic partnerships are incredibly important to us. We are more interested in long term relationships based on value and trust rather than just making a quick buck.

You can contact us from 8 til late

As an IT Manager, sometimes you have to put in overtime. Servers have a funny way of not caring that it’s 5 pm on the Friday before your big summer holiday. 64TEQ Education are open from 8am – 8pm to give you a bigger window in case the unexpected happens or there’s a tight deadline to meet.

Go ahead and give us a ring at 7:30 tonight – one of us will pick up.

Reduce your costs without reducing quality...

Many providers promise you the cheapest prices, but oftentimes this is simply a lure to get their foot in the door and obtain your business. Over time, you might find that your prices are creeping up to the point that you are actually being overcharged. 64TEQ Education is structured in a new, dynamic way. We are a 100% remote working company with cloud-based systems, which keeps our costs and overhead extremely low.

This allows us to supply products and services at a lower cost because we don’t need to add the huge margins that other suppliers do in order to cover their oversized, energy-guzzling offices, and desk rows of salespeople.

Relationships with your chosen vendors

They say, “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” and nowhere is this more true than in the IT industry. Strong relationships can be the key to your success as an IT Manager, but why worry about managing multiple relationships yourself when we can do it for you?

64TEQ Education have excellent relationships with key education vendors, and we can leverage these relationships to your advantage to get you the best prices and knowledge. With 64TEQ Education, the only relationship you’ll ever have to manage is the one you have with us.

Meet some of our biggest fans

We love our clients, and from the sound of it, they love us right back!
After all, we have made their lives easier, and who wouldn’t appreciate that?

Don’t take our word for it, though – check out some of our testimonials and case studies below to see what our existing clients are saying about us, and how we were able to help them with their own unique set of needs.

Using the experience gained from working with a number of large IT businesses, 64TEQ Education was started in 2012 and took a new approach to providing IT solutions – one that is focused on people.

As the IT industry continues to grow, it has become increasingly dependent on honest, lasting relationships. From the very beginning we have sought to be a company that is passionate about customer service, and we are looking for IT Managers who are interested in building a long term, mutually beneficial partnership with one supplier.

This philosophy stems from our own personal experiences in the industry. We created a company that fills a need we all felt was not being addressed by existing IT companies, as many of them seem to be more concerned with their bottom line than with your satisfaction.

Our business model is not based on increasing prices and profit margins, but by securing more orders from satisfied customers.

Repeat business is how we sustain our company, and that relies on the success and satisfaction of our clients. Visit our Clientele section to meet some of our clients whose lives we have made easier, and who continue to enjoy partnerships with us.

As the part of our business that works with schools, colleges, and academy trusts, the mission of 64TEQ Education is to work with IT Managers and Decision Makers to empower teachers and students with the latest technologies to enhance learning.

If you would like to know more, reach out to us for a coffee, a chat, or a call. We love networking, and because we do not have the same financial and revenue pressures of a large IT company, scheduling a meeting is not a big deal for us. We genuinely want to know more about your organisation, and how we may be able to help you.

Watercooler Conversation

The IT Industry moves at breakneck speed, and keeping up with it can be a full time job. The problem is, as an IT Manager you already have a full time job.

Good thing we’re such unabashed tech geeks then! Part of our job is staying up to date with all the latest technology so we can advise you and free you up to focus on your primary duties. This section of our site will help you keep up with all the topics we’re keeping up with. Feel free to bookmark this page as a resource, or give us a call and ask us your most burning questions. We’re always up for a good chat!


Win Raspberry Pi’s for your School

We are giving away Raspberry Pi computers to UK schools. Find out how to enter here.

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Please join us at the next Ed-Tech Innovators Event for a morning of networking and sharing ideas with like minded educational professionals with a passion for IT. We also have guest speakers discussing cutting edge technologies and industry trends.




Where can 64TEQ Help You?




Simplify your IT infrastructure with Server, Storage, Desktop and Application virtualisation solutions from industry leading vendors VMware and Citrix.

Servers and Storage

Servers and Storage

Server & storage solutions from HP and Dell provide high performance and resilience, whilst reducing energy use and simplifying management.



We can help you design and build a resilient network that connects users, data and applications with solutions from market leading vendors Cisco and HP.

Interactive Client Learning

Interactive Client Learning

Enhance teaching and learning with Interactive Client Learning solutions such as Interactive Touch Screens, Tablets and Media Devices.


Backup and DR

Backup and DR

Cloud data backup and disaster recovery services from AssureStor, protecting data centre and server estate through to client, mobile and tablet.



Use the latest cost effective and scalable Cloud Security solutions to protect your Network and Systems.



Flexible storage per user, powerful spam filtering and integrated voice/video conferencing with Google, Microsoft and Mimecast.



Google Docs and Office 365 provide web-based document tools for collaborative study anytime, anywhere, delivered through the Cloud.




We partner with the leading wireless vendors, and can help you select scalable, manageable and secure solutions.

Device Management

Device Management

We can show you how to manage and deploy mobile devices with MDM solutions from leading vendors such as Cisco Meraki, AirWatch and Smoothwall.



Empower students and teachers to use their own device to promote a collaborative and secure learning environment.



Protect students online and secure mobile devices from threats with the latest mobile security solutions.


IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy

Hire our vendor accredited engineers / specialists for your next project.



Our consultants can help with Technology Evaluation and Project Planning to help you plan for the future and make sense of the present.

Contract Recruitment

Contract Recruitment

Do you need an IT Technician or an experienced Technical Architect? Resource IT personnel as and when you need them for an agreed period of time.

Permanent Recruitments

Permanent Recruitment

If you’re looking for someone great to join your team we can help, without charging the large recruiting fees that you may be used to.

Some of our trusted partners

Our Trusted Partners

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